Case Studies

High-Ratio Heat Sink Replaces Bonded-Fin Solution

Methode was approached to find a replacement for a bonded-fin heat sink prototype that was too large, too heavy and too expensive.

Cost-Saving New Thermal Management Enclosure for Welding

A welding-equipment manufacturer wanted their next-generation product contained within the existing legacy enclosure, while maintaining sufficient air flow.

Liquid-Cooled Chill Plate Redesign

Methode was approached to fabricate a customer-designed, liquid-cooled brazed heat sink.

Improved Telecommunications Power Systems

Methode was asked to design a fuse panel that would increase current capacity, as well as reduce internal system temperature rise.

Telecommunication Data Router Assembly

Methode was approached to assist on the design of a new router and power distribution systems housed in a 43U server rack cabinet.

Laminated Bus Bar for Aerospace Application

To create a small, yet efficient, power distribution system located in a military helicopter blade hub.

Bus Bar Solution for Misalignment in Scalable Server System

Methode worked with the customer’s engineers to optimize a scalable design for increasing the capacity of a high-end server where the system operates at a very low DC voltage.

Laminated Bus Bar Saves Product Launch

Methode was asked to design a power distribution unit that replaced an in-house design and met a customer’s impending release date.

Router Power Cable from Power Supply to Backplane

Methode was approached to connect a 50A source to a backplane situated around a very sharp corner, and make the backplane connection both secure and robust.

Multi-Wire FusionLug® Solves Reliability Problems

Methode was approached to improve the reliability of an existing power-cable system used to distribute 48 VDC to three separate loads.

Power Cable for (n+1) Redundant Power System

Methode was asked to design a power cable to connect two 48 VDC paralleled (n+1), redundant power supplies to a laminated bus bar situated around a sharp bend.

Long Power Cable for Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Methode was approached to design a 25-foot-long electrical cable that is easily shipped and quickly installed to connect hydrogen fuel cells to a power-distribution bus.

Power & Signal Rover Interconnect

Methode was asked to design a connector for charging a robot battery that integrates power and signal contacts, with low mating force that can be blind-mated without human intervention. The connector is also designed to survive over 3,000 charge cycles and still maintain connection integrity.

High-Voltage Medical Connector

Methode was tasked with designing an 800VAC, blind-mate panel-mount connector that included thirteen contacts, each rated for 150A.

Overheated Large Drive Connector

Methode was approached to create a solution that would replace a customer’s existing expensive power connector that was overheating.

PowerRail® Distributes Redundant Power to Quick-Plug Option Modules

Replacement of a customer’s existing bus bar and wired connections with a more reliable, quick-connect power-distribution system.