Router Power Cable from Power Supply to Backplane


Methode was approached to connect a 50A source to a backplane situated around a very sharp corner, and make the backplane connection both secure and robust.


Methode’s engineers knew they could fabricate a long FusionLug® on one end of our proprietary PowerFlex™ cable and then bend the FusionLug to meet the customer’s requirements.


The customer required a very tight-bending cable assembly to connect a 50A, 48 VDC source to a backplane located around a sharp corner. Methode engineers started with PowerFlex™ cable because it offered high-current capacity and tremendous mechanical flexibility. One end of the PowerFlex cable was terminated with a long FusionLug® sized to match the power pad on the backplane. The FusionLug bent 90 degrees and was fitted with two swaged PEM studs that were used to bolt the FusionLug to the backplane.

The other end of the PowerFlex cable was terminated with a crimped contact that matched the existing power supply connector housing.