High Voltage Switchgear

Methode Power Solutions Group’s high performance fast close switchgear is specifically designed for demanding high voltage, high current applications where nothing can be left to chance. Capable of closing in under 8 milliseconds, able to operate at continuous voltages peaking at 3.3 kV dc, carry currents reaching 1.6 kA dc and with a making current capacity of 350 kA, our switchgear delivers unrivalled performance. The Methode Power Solutions Group patented technology at its core ensures optimal switchgear operation, including a low internal resistance of 13 uOhm, a contact to contact and contact to ground dielectric resistance exceeding 10 kV and partial discharge in a device that is significantly smaller in size and weight compared to current market switchgear alternatives. Designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind, our high performance fast close switchgear is an effective solution across a variety of user-specific technical requirements with minimal customization.