When reliability, efficiency and performance are critical, design engineers and OEMs partner with Methode Power Solutions Group to develop and deliver the power technologies they require.

For over 35 years, we have developed new solutions to empower our customers’ products utilizing our broad  combination of technologies and capabilities.

Technologies and Capabilities

  • Thermal & Electrical Modeling – Using our CAE/CAD tools, Methode Power Solutions Group’s modeling process decreases time to market and ensures optimized solutions
  • Tribology Contact Technology – Our contact technology uses numerous parallel contact points to achieve low insertion force and high cycle life.
  • FusionLug® – Using no-crimp fused strands, this efficient integrated cabling termination option ensures a low-voltage-drop and highly robust connection.
  • PowerRail – Our multi-point access distribution systems provide ultimate system flexibility.
  • In-House Testing and Validation – Methode Power Solutions Group’s in-house testing facilities are able to meet a variety of international standards and test to customer specifications.
  • Quick turn Prototypes – Our design process is able to produce prototypes in days rather than weeks to meet your timeline.
  • Defense & Aerospace Expertise – Trusted to perform on demand, our products are manufactured in AS9100 certified facilities and meet the tight tolerance, high-reliability needs for the harshest environments.
  • Global Manufacturing – Vertically integrated facilities certified to AS9100 and ISO9001/9002 standards deliver single-digit PPM quality and on-time delivery.
  • Worldwide FAE and Design Support -Located on three continents, our support network provides timely design assistance.