Laminated Bus Bar Saves Product Launch


Methode was asked to design a power distribution unit that replaced an in-house design and met a customer’s impending release date.


Our team utilized our engineering expertise and our quick-turn process to meet the customer’s delivery requirement.


A customer was developing a new telecom unit with multiple shelves, and their goal was to have power source blind-mate capabilities for each drawer. They had attempted to develop the input power distribution internally, but their solution was not satisfactory. Time was running out for release of the product and they soon realized they did not have the proper expertise.

Methode’s engineers, utilizing our quick-turn process to meet the customer’s expedited schedule, designed a multi-layer laminated bus bar for the primary input-power distribution within PDU. The monolithic structure combined with Tribotek™ In-Board Socket technology offered a quick installation. We designed and manufactured a custom blind-mate connector interface to the drawer, the five circuits within being capable of 400A with 100A single position outputs. The mating drawer connector is capable of 500A total throughput.