Telecommunication Data Router Assembly


Methode was approached to assist on the design of a new router and power distribution systems housed in a 43U server rack cabinet.


Our team improved upon the customer’s design, resulting in an approach that also met their thermal and price requirements.


Methode took an innovative manufacturing approach to not only create the laminated bus bar but the surrounding sheet metal as well, including the data control harness to regulate the rectifiers. The multi-layer construction with coupled ground layers was utilized to reduce electrical noise “ringing” from the rectifiers into the backplane.

A major telecommunications company approached Methode for design assistance on a new router system. The mechanical layout required an innovative manufacturing method to produce a power distribution system housed in a 43U server rack cabinet. Using block model and general electrical parameters, we created the entire laminated structure and the surrounding sheet metal. The system incorporates a data control harness to regulate the rectifiers. Extending from the bus bar, PowerFlexTM cable was terminated into blind-mate/hot-pluggable connectors, allowing the connectors to float and mate directly with the rectifiers. The power is distributed by twelve discrete conductors to multiple conductor circuits to multiple outputs, extending to the mid-plane of the end unit. The laminated structure incorporates multiple ground planes interleaved into the power conductors to increase coupled capacitance to reduce noise (EMI) in the system. The assembly is UL- approved and listed under the QPQY2 certification (UL file# E240101).