Long Power Cable for Hydrogen Fuel Cells


Methode was approached to design a 25-foot-long electrical cable that is easily shipped and quickly installed to connect hydrogen fuel cells to a power-distribution bus.


Our team utilized our insulated and flexible Parallel Power Cable (PPC™) to fabricate the long electrical cable.


When a customer asked us to design a power transmission system for field installations, in lieu of a rigid bus bar our engineers turned to Methode’s Parallel Power Cable for its flexibility. The PPC™ is run in a preformed concrete trench under the fuel cell power-generating facilities to carry the high current generated by the cells. Because the trench is approximately 25 feet long, a rigid bus bar of that length would be challenging to ship and install. The PPC cable is simply shipped to the site, unrolled and installed in the trench then connected to the fuel cells using standard connector technology.